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>> Monday, March 5, 2012

I wish I had the time to blog about life in general but I've been so busy with work that this is the best I can offer for now (not that I'm complaining mind you, I am SO happy to have orders coming in!)

I promise I do have some lovely pyrex to show off, craft stuff I'm making for my house and even a few new recipes to share, but for now I have to get back to work and try to finish these pendants so I can move on to the next batch!

FYI the shell and sea glass pendants at the top are all sold, the bracelet focals in the middle are sold/mine (mine is the round one, I'm having Mickey at Nicholas Landon Jewelry make me a leather and pearl bracelet for it, yay!)

The bottom section of pendants will all be going over to Etsy once they're set and polished. Happy Monday, everyone!


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