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>> Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Well between Hurricane (Tropical Storm) Irene, loss of electricity for several days and school starting last week, it's been chaotic around here to say the least.

Last Wednesday Aidan started second grade and Avery went in for his Kindergarten orientation.

On Thursday, I put my baby on the "big kid bus" for his first full day of school. Aidan was so cute. "Come on, Avery, I'll show you what to do" taking him by the hand...

With the kids off to school and several hours all to myself each day now, I have begun a real and true full time work schedule for myself. Difficult for a WAHM.

Today I shut down my website and in the process moved another 30 some odd items over to my new Etsy shop.

I also listed some items to my original Etsy shop. (now the proud wearer of my domain name

I was supposed to start running again today. I had been running 4 miles a day, about 5 times a week. Then I broke my toe. And, well, that ended that. I've been two months without a run.

So I had it all planned out. To start with, I will run Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays immediately after the kids get on the bus and I'll be back home and ready to work by 10:00. This morning I woke up, suited up with my new sneaks
and came out to the kitchen to see it was torrentially raining. And it's supposed to do it ALL WEEK LONG.

I guess there's no harm in waiting another week, right? Ugh.

In other news, I saw a great tutorial for making these little felt flowers to put together a wreath today.
photo courtesy of Home Stories A to Z

I'm going to make one for my fireplace mantel that should stretch me through until Christmas time.

It's now entering the 3:00 hour- which is my draggin hour.
photo courtesy of Corporate Wellness Magazine

I could just crawl into bed and sleep til dinner. What do you do to stay awake when the mid afternoon drags hit you?


De tout, de rien September 7, 2011 at 12:40 PM  

Your little boys are so sweet!! What a cute moment, your big boy taking your little boy in charge on the bus!

You're brave to do all that running, I can't even be motivated enough to go for walks, lol!

I'm going to visit your new etsy shop, love that bookmark, it is sooo pretty!

I work at home too and it's not easy motivating yourself. For example, I went back to bed after my daughter left for school, teehee! I normally also hit that 3 o'clock wall (probably not today, since I slept in) and if I don't give into a little napsipoo, I drink a cup of green tea.

Take care, Tara.

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