Sigh! How can something so small

>> Wednesday, February 8, 2012

make me feel so immensely happy and satisfied? I bought a $25 shoe rack from Wally World and it made my Sunday night! Especially after a certain team (who shall remain nameless failed) to do ANYTHING remotely wonderful to please me...

Our closet is ridiculously small. And we seriously don't have that many clothes or shoes. It is small for ONE person, muchless the two of us who share it.
I cleaned out my closet around this time last year but failing to find something to organize our shoes resulted in this...
which is always a fabulous look. After I purged 4 pairs of loafers (who needs that many loafers?!), a pair of worn-once wedges, some old slippers and 3 pairs of flip-flops our shoes looked like this
A bonus is that the useless old shoe shelf I had on the floor before fit perfectly on the top of the closet to lend a little organization to my bags, wallets and purses. It's not perfect and I can't wait to buy an entire closet kit to really deck this baby out, but for now, it's loads better (although doors would be nice)!
Are you organizing anything at your house? Are you buying lots to do it or trying to work with what you already own? Any good tips to share?


Kaybe February 8, 2012 at 3:18 PM  

Well done. I just pulled Everything out of my closet too & did some triage. 5 bags to goodwill later I have a very keen sense of accomplishment.(& I can find stuff again)

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