Top Entrecard Droppers for September and Giveaway Teaser!

>> Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sorry I am late in posting my top droppers for the month of September, it's been a doozy of a month around here!

These blogs represent a variety of funny, talented, intelligent and creative folks. You should check them out!

Sparkle: Sparkle is the author of two cat-to-cat advice books (no humans!), has her own Muse Medallion-winning calendar and is one of the original cat bloggers - she has been blogging since January, 2003!
bethere2day: bethere2day is a personal blog about anything and everything, fun, humour, randomness and rants.
Moonangelnay on Etsy: A contemporary handmade, fine art, photography, crafts, gifts, jewelry, fashion and Etsy focused blog, sharing weekly features, tutorials, original works and interviews of the new artists of Etsy.
The Beadings and Buttons of Randomcreative: I chose my username because I have always enjoyed making random creative projects using all different colors and materials. I opened my Etsy shop on Halloween of 2008.
Megan Bayliss: Social worker now freelance web content writer. I lead a team of gorilla marketing on-line angels in secret Santa hats. They do things to websites. If you want YOUR site touched, join us. Thrills guaranteed.
Getting Busy Living: I am a British man living with my American wife in the English countryside. We love to explore and have fun with our differences, although we are much more alike than we are different. Follow our travels and travails and expect the unexpected.
the crazy suburban mom: dont judge me till you've gone a mile in my mini van
Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife: I am the Psychotic Housewife - a gothic Martha Stewart, SAHM, addicted to shopping and saving money while living in a Murphy's Law zone where everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. I love to give my opinion and share the deals I come across.
JoeTaxpayer: A personal finance blog, topics include investing, taxes, finance, debt, retirement. Your EC ad will appear above the line on my blog.
BeadedTail: Antics of two cats and a dog! Plus, we make jewelry for animal lovers with proceeds benefiting animal charities! We're making tails wag one bead at a time!

Also, a little teaser...

Check out this week's Vintage Thingies Thursday post (later this evening) It's beginning to look at a lot like Christmas! Come see what I'm giving away- it's sparkly, it's definitely beachy and it's beautiful!


jenn October 6, 2010 at 10:14 AM  

I can't believe I didn't make this list! I am here every day, and I think I drop every day, too...maybe not. Maybe I get too wrapped up in your wonderful posts that I forget to drop...

Tara Beaulieu October 6, 2010 at 10:17 AM  

Aww, Jenn! Maybe you're popping in from your different blogs? I know I ready yours daily too, but sometimes I realize I've done it from my blogger reading list and never logged into Entrecard. Boo! It's so hard to stay on top of Entrecard sometimes! I DO appreciate your visits and comments, I really do! :)

The Crazy Suburban Mom October 6, 2010 at 1:26 PM  

Sigh, The holidays?? omg, no way...

Caught unprepared again! LOL

stevebethere from bethere2day October 8, 2010 at 11:14 AM  

I'm so pleased to have made your list, thank you for the mention and link.

Have a brilliant weekend :-)

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