We've done a lot in two years and I'm thrilled!

>> Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thrilled that the flowers in my front garden are finally blooming large enough to take cuttings and enjoy some indoors. I even harvested my lavender for the first time!

Which I've stuck into little containers in our bedroom and bath to keep things fresh.
I hate when it's so hot that you must have all the AC's on and no windows open to circulate the air!

When we moved in, we had no flowers.
We had no flower beds. What we had was a giant pine tree that dwarfed our little house, an ugly 1970's style shrub on the corner and some unkempt roses on a trellis over the garage.

In the two years since we bought our house, we have begun slowly changing the yard to make it our own. The first year we took down the pine tree and turned the area along the street into a bed.
We had very little money, so we didn't have much to fill the bed in with. A tiny ornamental pear tree, a few junipers, some candy tuft plants, lavender and beach grass. Oh and a large piece of driftwood husbando lugged off the beach for me. It was seriously sad, lol.

Little by little I have invested in a few perennials (mostly bought on clearance once they'd finished blooming for the season) And I've spent a lot of time transplanting.
Before we moved from our old house my mom and I took some of the zillions of day lillies I had growing there and moved them up to her house. We let them recouperate there for a season and have since been slowly bringing them back home to my house. In addition, I've harvested seeds from friends and family to acquire some silver dollar plants, black-eyed susans and a host of other flowers.

This is a quick look at a second bed that I put in along the side of my front yard. I called it my "freebie" bed. Everything in it was gifted from someone else's garden.

I've since expanded the bed and curved it around to meet the new bed that runs along the front of the house.

My mother-in-law has given me irises, tiger lillies, bee balm and several varieties of sedum.

I recently added the small stepping stone path made from a weird flagstone "patio" that was in our backyard when we bought the house. BEFORE:
I use quotes because seriously, do you see that silly area? It was at the base of our back porch but not even large enough to hold a grill muchless any furniture! AFTER:
The solar lights on the path were brought with us from our old house and the stones we are using to border the beds are being picked one by one by the members of my family and brought home from our many walks along the shores of RI.

So all in all, not much money invested. Just lots and lots of time!

It's still very much a work in progress- this year's big investment was three white hydrangea bushes that are so small my salvia virtually hides them from passers by! But I am patient and hopefully some day they will be 5 feet around and filled with gorgeous white blooms!
In the fall we hope to get the house painted. We were going to do it this summer, but it's just too dang hot out there! One final photo for you. A "then and now" shot of my front yard. What a difference two years makes!
Anyway, this has turned into quite the rambling post when I initially only started it to show you all my pretty little lavender bundles, lol!

Soon I'll take you on a tour of my insane vegetable garden in the backyard. I have mutant tomato plants. I swear it.


randomcreative July 27, 2011 at 1:38 PM  

Wow, you have made so much progress! All of the flowers look great. I agree about it being a drag when you have to have the A/C on and can't open the windows. It's nice to have some flowers or something to freshen it up inside during those times.

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