Things that made me smile today

>> Monday, January 18, 2010

1. Waking up with Ed beside me this morning- no work today!

2. Finding the perfect side table for my living room in the clearance section of the store for $36! (Watch for this in a future blog post, I'm going to do a little sprucing up to it!)

3. Having my best friend over for dinner and her offering to wash my dishes!

4. Taking all 3 boys to the dentist and leaving with no cavities and no tears

5. Aidan reading Green Eggs and Ham to me all by himself

6. Winning an auction on eBay for $.99

7. Spying my little boys playing nicely with each other before bedtime

8. Smelling Jen's lemon pepper chicken wings on my grill

9. Ed reminding me that there is a new 24 on tonight

10. Pretty flowers on my table


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