Valentines and Viruses

>> Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I let the boys play on my desktop. I let them play on it even though we have a laptop that is purely for their using pleasure. Somewhere along the line one of them went somewhere or clicked something leaving my computer with a nasty virus. A virus (that McAfee didn't pick up) and of all things- was a persistent pop-up message telling me that I might have a virus and I should "click here to check". Blah!

My lovely husband Ed spent our entire Valentine's evening (until 3 am) backing up every file, folder and email on my machine then rebuilding it. And then he spent the next evening after work finishing the task. I couldn't ask for a sweeter valentine than that.

And because I have been without a computer for two days, I now bring to you (late) the cute little Valentine's Day cards my precious virus clicking kids gave to their classmates.

We found these adorable freebies at Pure + Lovely

Add some pencils from the Dollar Tree

et voila, cheap, cute and unique valentines!


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