Frustrating Day

>> Saturday, March 6, 2010

So I decided to ignore all my paying duties today (ie shipping, photography, listing to website, working on custom orders, etc) in exchange for going outside to enjoy the gloriously sunny day we had today with a walk on the beach for sea glass and then later working on refurbishing the freebie desk I found a while back.

First let me say, if one is dog sitting their brother's spastic miniature terrier, they should not take him sea glassing. He will try to fetch every stinking piece of unfinished glass one tosses back into the water.

Which might leave one holding the TOP PORTION of the ziptop baggie which contained all their sea glass treasures while the bottom portion lands on the ground and spills all the gorgeous goodies within reach of oncoming waves.

And while one is scurrying to gather up the most precious of the pieces before they are swept out to sea again, one might drop their cell phone in the sand and water. Because of course one pulled it from their pocket to take a "cute picture" of dog-nephew playing at the beach to send to one's brother just moments before.

And while one is rushing to take off their bulky gloves and grab aforementioned cell phone, they might NAIL their $300 prescription sun glasses with a piece of sea glass or TWENTY (because they forgot they were in the coat pocket where all said sea glass is getting stuffed at a rapid rate) scratching the living hell out of the glasses and just about breaking one of the arms off.

And while one is doing all this, one's dog-nephew might have a barking attack because another dog is walking his way on the beach. And as one glances up to see what dog-nephew is flipping out about, they might not notice the giant wave that is about to engulf them. And one might wind up with very wet socks, pants, and shoes. In sunny, but 45 degree weather.

And once when gets home and dries off and recovers from all the fun they've been having, they might decide to start spray painting the desk they have been dying to paint all winter long.

And one might have an issue with gloppy drips running down the side of the desk that will be showing into the room and not with the side that is going against the wall.

And when sanding off the semi-dried gloppy drips, one might just make the mess a whole lot worse. And when one gives up trying for the afternoon and goes to unhitch the dog-nephew from the outdoor lead, they might realize that said dog-nephew has wrapped himself around the leg of the desk one was painting not 2 minutes earlier. Leaving lovely new gash marks in the wet paint on a section that wasn't previously gloppy or drippy or in need of touching up tomorrow.

Sigh. So much for a nice spring day outside and being productive. I guess that's what one gets for avoiding one's duties...


Storm, The Psychotic Housewife March 8, 2010 at 1:09 AM  

Oops! Sounds like it definitely was one of those days :(

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